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If you are looking for natural European (Russian) human hair you are at the right place! Our basic product is virgin authentic European hair which is used as main stuff for wigs-producing and for all kinds of hair extension.

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Truth about the European Hair
Truth about the European HairConsumers buying hair for extensions or wigs often pose the same question: Is this Slavic hair? The question frustrates, to put it mildly, the knowledgeable seller: The Slavic Peoples are an ethnic and linguistic branch of European peoples, living mainly in central and Eastern Europe. The term “Slavic hair” is a misnomer and hair coming from Slavic Peoples appropriately falls under the umbrella of “European Hair”. The confusion began when careless professionals began calling Indian and Chinese hair European hair. To avoid confusion customers began specifically requesting “Slavic hair” in an attempt to differentiate eastern European hair from Indian and Chinese hair. A brief glance at a map of the world would make it apparent to even the most geographically challenged person that India and China are Countries in Asia. Accordingly the hairs of native population of these countries are properly referred to as either Asiatic or Eurasian.
Often Indian and Chinese hair enter the market under the guise of European hair. These hairs are processed primarily by Russian, Italian and German specialists. The Indian and Chinese hairs have different physical qualities than European hair. They are darker, thicker and stiffer. For years Italy has been the center for wig production. Today Italy specializes in coloring and treatment of hair. Specifically Italian hair professionals chemical and cosmetic treatments to transform Indian and Chinese hair to look and feel more European. They primarily use hair from of north India as raw material. These hairs are naturally thinner, softer and are wavier than European counterparts. The treated Asiatic hair is not identical to natural European hairs. The global trend is moving towards natural products which are of much higher quality: natural fur, natural diamonds, natural hairs.
Now a bit about the “Slavonic hairs”. It is hair of the Europeans who were born in Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Similar to other goods produced in Europe, the quality is superb however it comes at a greater expense. Because of a hairs of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus habitants gets to the market more often, Russian hairs, Ukrainian hairs and Belarus hairs named Slavic hair. However in fact the Slavic hair it there is the European hair.
Why are European hairs so popular? Because these hairs are naturally elastic and silky. They are available in a variety of structures suitable for all tastes: soft and wiry, thin and thick, straight and curly. Wigs from the European hairs can last up to ten years: and they do not lose their primary form. European hairs are also widely use for hair extensions. Thus it is important to remember: to keep extension hair beautiful and natural for a long time your hairdresser has to be a professional. High-quality production techniques must be used for the extension. You must take care of your hair correctly, regularly and carefully.